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The idea of a brand that merged the gentleness of garments - with the gentleness/kindness of the Lord -with the gentleness of new life - was a dream I had one night while feeding my little boy, Pippen, at four months old in 2020.
At the time, I was a new mom trying to make it through another night of cluster feeding. I was thankful yet exhausted. I knew in my sleep deprived state there was no way the thought came of my own will. I immediately told the Lord,
“If I do it - it will never be mine. It will always be Yours.”
He set off dreams and ideas in my mind (ones I could never dream up myself) as I set out to create products in the dreamiest fabrics, with the best features, at the best price, with a message of the kindness of Heaven.
We've been running with the idea planted in our hearts ever since.
From designing, measuring, sourcing, dyeing, measuring again, manufacturing, and measuring a third time - we finally created the best cuts, in the best fabric, with the best features, at the best price for little ones; all while keeping each detail centered on the image of gentleness + kindness of the Father.
We hope each piece will be a gentle reminder to a little heart that they are clothed in kindness and wonderfully made.

for your little one