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The idea of a brand that merged beauty and functionality came to me one night while feeding my little boy, Pippen, at four months old in 2020.
At the time, I was a new mom trying to make it through another night of cluster feeding. I was thankful yet exhausted. I knew in my sleep deprived state there was no way the thought came of my own will. I immediately told the Lord,
“If I do it - it will never be mine. It will always be Yours.”
He set off dreams and ideas in my mind (ones I could never dream up myself) as I set out to create beautiful products in the dreamiest fabrics, with the best features, at the best price.
We've been running with the idea planted in our hearts ever since.
From designing, measuring, sourcing, dyeing, measuring again, manufacturing, and measuring a third time - we create useful newborn and toddler essentials with a designer look.
We hope each item we offer will serve as a beautifully functional piece in your home or on your little one.